USL (UNIVART SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE) is one of India's leading affordable educators, with focus on diverse segments of education of multiple age-groups. We work with a wide range of Indian partners in cities all over India.

French is the most popular language after English in the entire world. French ranks in the top most commonly spoken languages in the world with more than 77 million native speakers and 220 million total speakers. Learning this language will open up wide vistas of career possibilities in this competitive world.

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  • Study material and T-shirt (Advance Courses) will be provided.

  • Classes will be conducted by experienced faculty.

  • Education through smart classes.

  • Awarding medals, certificates and scholarships.

  • Interaction with French Delegates.

  • Participation in International Convocation.

  • Preparing for French Olympiad and French Quest.

One of The Most Prestigious French Language Study Organisations

UNIVART SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE is one of India's leading affordable educators for French Language Study.


A1 – For Beginner

In this course exercises starting from simple grammatical structures of the French language are provided to reinforce your progress in speaking and writing.

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A2 – For Intermediate

In this section we can teach limited control of sentence structures and simple grammatical forms belonging to a memorized repertoire. So, get ready to grab the new experience...

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B1 – Progressive

In this course we can teach simple sentence structures correctly but we systematically make basic mistakes, for example, confusing tenses and forgetting to make agreements...

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B2 – Advance

In this section we can teach a good control of grammar; we make occasional mistakes, non-systematic errors and small flaws in sentence structure can occur but they are rare and can often be corrected in retrospect. The particular agreements with the past participle...

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Class Room Teaching

In a cordial atmosphere, experienced faculties teach French, making the learning of the foreign language easy to grasp, opportunity is provided to interact with French Delegates and widen the horizon of global interaction in the comfort zone of the school itself...

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USL (UNIVART SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE) with vast experience and International exposure has taken up the challenge to cater to the needs of young career aspirants of a country.

We have tried to break the cryptic barrier of conventional student and teacher relationship, making the environment more cordial for better understanding from both the sides. It is the mission of UNIVART SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE to spread quality education among the aspirants, keeping in mind the individual hopes, expectations, emotions, motions and drives.

USL works with a wide range of Indian partners in cities all over India. French and Indian experts meet, collaborate and nurture mutually beneficial relationships. We also manage prestigious scholarship and training awards, including fellowship plans and duplex memorial awards.

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